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New book is dedicated to the Moriori people

A Moriori tree carving

My new book, ‘The Dark Quest of Countess X’ is dedicated to the Moriori people of Rēkohu or the Chatham Islands. Moriori are an integral part of New Zealand’s history and it was a privilege to hear Maui Solomon of the Hokotehi Moriori Trust present the 2020 Quaker Lecture, ‘Moriori: Peace at All Costs’ in November 2020.

Maui has played a leading role throughout his adult life in the renaissance of the culture and identity of the indigenous Moriori people. The lecture was based around themes of Moriori peace and conflict management, history, colonisation, genocide, mythmaking, suppression of identity and – over the past 40 years – Moriori renaissance, based upon their legacy and heritage of peace. I spoke with Maui and his partner Susan after the lecture and they have since advised on certain aspects of Moriori culture that I include in my ‘Peacemakers’ session.

Readers of ‘The Dark Quest of Countess X’ will understand my choice once they begin their journey into the story.