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Bad Oil and the Animals

Bad Oil and the Animals is a book I’ve wanted to write for many years.  Having spent my early years on a dairy farm where cows were raised outdoors and fed mainly on traditional grass products, it’s disgusting to hear of dairy factory farming in a country that claims to offer “green” and natural produce.  The factory farm use of palm kernel extract with its link to rain-forest destruction makes the issue even more compelling to me.

I was delighted that three such significant animal activists as Sue Kedgley, Dr. Michael Morris and Ben Dowdle were willing to endorse Bad Oil and the Animals.

Only a few days after the first copies of the book arrived, I met Ben Dowdle, Unmask Palm Oil director in person, during his 21 November 2016 presentation to Parliament of hundreds of thousands of signed postcards calling for the mandatory labelling of palm oil on food products.

New Zealand's big zoos and Unmask Palm Oil are urging NZ Food Safety Minister Jo Goodhew to follow European standards and adopt this practice. “Independent polling shows 92% of New Zealanders and 84% of Australians support this change," Ben says.

In the coming months I look forward to meeting zoo staff, animal welfare groups and similar organisations, as I have agreed to undertake much of the marketing myself due to being with a relatively small publisher.

This means I welcome any suggestions from readers about where to offer this book. It’s fact-based and includes a number of follow-up areas for research, either for its intended teenage audience or other readers.

6 December 2016